RadiumOne – Enterprise Advertising Platform – We Know Your Next Customer

RadiumOne - We Know Your Next Customer

Enterprise Platform

RadiumOne makes
programmatic mobile advertising a reality.

RadiumOne has made the connection between online and mobile advertising through proprietary first party data, vast targeting capabilities and cross-channel activation techniques.

RadiumOne makes programmatic mobile advertising a reality.

Leverage cutting edge mobile targeting capabilities

Retarget online audiences on their mobile device or vice versa

Amplify audiences with look-a-like targeting

Build cross-channel audience segments to identify and target on their mobile device

Deliver hyper-local ads based on in-app location and interaction data

Start generating first party mobile data with our proprietary tools

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Boost app engagement and customer retention with highly personalized and hyper-targeted mobile messages.

  • Send personalized targeted messages
  • Deliver hyper-targeted message to reach customers with the right message, at the right time
  • Boost app engagement and retention
  • Get comprehensive analytics in real-time for each push message
  • Take advantage of media matching to double your current ROI and get push + new users for the same spend
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Leverage powerful app analytics and actionable audience data to better understand, grow and monetize your app users.

  • Analytics that track installs, app opens, session time, user retention, funnel analysis and more
  • Audience insights on age, gender, device, location and more
  • Conversion and attribution tracking by media channel
  • Audience segmentation based on online, offline and mobile data
  • Media targeting across all channels