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Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) Promotes New Menu Item with RadiumOne Mobile

Campaign Background

A leading QSR needed to generate awareness leveraging iPad and iPhone for the launch of a new menu item. They tapped into RadiumOne's mobile platform to deliver buzz about the new item through their ability to keyword target and nd connections to the brand and key menu ingredients in real time.

Media Objective

Increase awareness of the new menu item and promote it via mobile video using RadiumOne's custom Food and Entertainment segments.

Campaign Goal

Generate additional traffic to campaign destination page and meet benchmark video completion rates

RadiumOne Solution

  • Leveraged mobile pre-roll, 320x480 interstitials and iPad tap to play video units across RadiumOne's custom Food and Entertainment segments.
  • Utilized proprietary ShareGraph™ technology in order to and relevant conversations on the mobile web and in-app environments
  • Delivered the campaign across humor, lifestyle, food and entertainment applications that reach the client's target audience of young adults



  • Responsible for an additional 40% lift of traffic to the brand's mobile destination page
  • Exceeded client goals by 25% for video completion Top performing media partner for this product launch
  • The agency has since renewed the campaign and added more lines of the QSRs business

For more information about how to take advantage of RadiumOne's ShareGraph™ technology, please send us an email at sales@radiumone.com.