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A Leading Luxury Retailer Leverages ShareGraph™ and Via.Me to Drive Sales From Their Growing iPad Audience

Campaign Background

A leading luxury retailer saw increased iPad traffic to their mobile store and wanted to seize the opportunity to connect with this growing audience. The retailer wanted to tap into RadiumOne's ShareGraph™ mobile targeting technology to connect with these high end iPad shoppers and their closest social connections on their iPads.

Media Objective

Increase awareness and sales on the iPad

Campaign Goal

Meet or exceed the luxury retailer's CTR

RadiumOne Solution

  • The leading luxury retailer created a Via.Me presence to share photos and videos of their popular products with their social communities on Via.Me, Facebook and Twitter. They then leveraged the social interaction data for enhanced targeting and audience amplification
  • RadiumOne built a custom luxury shopper audience segment comprised of iPad users that show significant interests in luxury retail goods, fashion and jewelry.
  • RadiumOne's ShareGraph™ mobile targeting technology amplified the retailer's core audience and targeted them with product specific ads across top apps and mobile sites on the iPad.



  • RadiumOne's ShareGraph™ technology drove a CTR that was over 950% higher than the luxury retailer's existing benchmark and scaled their relevant iPad audience.
  • The leading luxury retailer continues to leverage RadiumOne and Via.Me for their mobile ad campaigns.

"RadiumOne's ShareGraph™ technology helped us connect with and grow our mobile customers. Needless to say, we're looking forward to what ShareGraph™ will do for our future campaigns."

-Brand Manager

For more information about how to take advantage of RadiumOne's ShareGraph™ technology, please send us an email at sales@radiumone.com.