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Company Says its Brand Bar and Video Offer Innovations are Driving Explosive Revenue Growth of 4 -5 times for Publishing Partners

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - June 30, 2010 - gWallet, a leader in social media monetization, today said two new innovations in social gaming monetization have delivered significant results for publishing partners and driven unprecedented engagement metrics that are accelerating the entry into social gaming from leading brands in automotive, retail, beverage, and computer security categories.

Earlier this year, gWallet introduced a brand bar that brings the social gaming "offer wall" out of the back end shadows and displays offers on the main game screen where gamers can view brand messages in exchange for virtual currency. Also, gWallet added video to these offer walls for the first time, accelerating brand entry into the social gaming space.

"Bringing video to social gaming monetization brought brands to this category in a way that hadn't previously been seen," said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO and founder of gWallet. "And the improvements in engagement and click throughs that video was able to drive also exploded revenue opportunities for our publishing partners across the social gaming space."

In the first three months since the video offer was introduced, consumers watched more than 1.7 million minutes of video ads from leading on social games, social networks, and applications utilizing the gWallet platform. The video offers have increased click-throughs by 200 to 300 percent, a significant increase in impressions and engagement driven by increased consumer interest in interacting with video content rather than surveys or text. The millions of videos were displayed over a wide range of games and applications, allowing various gWallet publishing partners in some cases to more than double ad-revenue.

The company says publishing partners that implemented the "Brand Bar" saw a 66 fold increase in user impressions. When publishers combined the video offers and Brand Bar, the dual features increased monetization by four to five times and increased yield by up to 80 percent. These metrics show how effective the Brand Bar solution has been in engaging new users who never discovered the offer capabilities previously buried in the social game.

"The video offers from gWallet have brought a new level of engagement to our site -- our users love earning coins by simply watching cutting-edge video ads and movie trailers," said Will Harbin, CEO, CasualCollective. "We've seen double the daily revenue by leveraging gWallet's Brand Bar and new offer formats."

In only six months, gWallet has seen a 70 percent monthly increase in unique users. For more information on gWallet, visit www.gWallet.com.

About gWallet

gWallet is taking on the responsibility of bringing new technologies that will increase opportunities for monetizing the fast-growing social gaming category, while also creating new opportunities for brands to engage with these large online audiences. The company's early innovations in social gaming monetization include the Brand Bar and video offer wall, which are driving explosive revenue growth for publishing partners. The Brand Bar and the video offer wall are creating a new standard of consumer engagement in social gaming monetization that is bringing leading brand advertisers to the category for the first time. gWallet is the only social gaming monetization platform to undergo audits and review by TRUSTe. For more information visit www.gWallet.com.

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