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Company's New gLTV Lets Social Media Developers Better Understand Revenue Metrics By Utilizing Technology that will Measure and Increase Lifetime Value of Users

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - December 22, 2009 -gWallet, a new monetization platform for social media, today unveiled gLTV, a new metric that fundamentally changes current measurement analytics in social media by empowering publishers for the first time to measure and increase their lifetime value of users on their applications. This shift to lifetime value measurement opens new opportunities for publishers to measure their yields more accurately.

Using patent-pending technology and algorithms, the gWallet platform can generate a gLTV metric on individual users and demonstrate specifically how it can increase the lifetime value of a user based on prior usage and transaction history. Currently, publishers cannot see how they are increasing the lifetime value of their users. Other virtual currency platforms can only measure yield through a CPM model, which measures how much revenue is generated after a thousand views on their offer wall.

"We plan to deliver gLTV to all of our social media publishers, giving them info on relevant monetization metrics that is unlike any reporting that our competition can provide," said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO and founder of gWallet.
In addition to increasing revenue for the "supply" side of social media, gLTV is another innovation from gWallet that is designed to expand the "demand" side. The company is bringing new brands and advertisers to social media and virtual currency, increasing demand for ad insertions. Currently, social networks are overrun with supply, and have hundreds of millions of users on their applications and hundreds of millions of game plays every day in the various social games.

Social media advertising, and virtual currency offers in particular, can deliver a brand engagement experience like almost no other on the Web. Users must engage with content and brand messaging in order to earn the virtual currency that can be spent in social games or on social networks. Users spend minutes rather than seconds engaging with this content and messaging.

About gWallet

gWallet is taking on the responsibility of bringing new technologies to social media that will provide transparency and standards that will allow the category to flourish and grow. It provides brands, publishers and social media platforms with new, cutting edge technology to monetize this growth in a consumer friendly format. The gWallet monetization platform contains three components including Alternative Online Payment, Virtual Currency and Aggregation of Virtual Products. The platform is a comprehensive system that has been optimized for Facebook, OpenSocial platforms (MySpace, Hi5, Tagged, etc), virtual worlds or websites utilizing virtual offer-based currency. For more information visit www.gWallet.com.

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