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New Feature Will Identify Audience Through Intent-Based Data & Social Retargeting and Drive Traffic to Brands' Social Network Pages

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-November 17, 2010- RadiumOne, the revolutionary new online ad network that leverages anonymous social media signals to enhance ad targeting, today announced "Like Retargeting," a new feature that will give brands the ability to drive social network "likes" through traditional display media. This new feature will identify the users most likely to engage with a brand and direct them to the brand's social network page, where they can then "like" the company.

According to a 2010 Omnicom survey, over 20 million people "like" brand pages each day on social networks. Of the millions of users who "like" brand pages, 75% of traffic comes through ads, with the majority occurring directly on social networks. RadiumOne's new "Like Retargeting" product will give brands more ways to drive social network "likes" by leveraging display media across the much larger playing field of Comscore 500 sites.

RadiumOne will use its innovative social retargeting capabilities to form social clusters of users most inclined to "like" a brand's social network page. This information will be combined with traditional intent-based data, giving RadiumOne the unique ability to build out large, targeted audiences for brands. The targeting methods will not only drive significant traffic to a brand's social network page but increase the likelihood that consumers who go there will "like" the page.

"In today's online ecosystem, brands need to establish a strong presence on a social network, and already, over 135 brands have surpassed 1 million followers," said Gurbaksh Chahal, Founder and CEO of RadiumOne. "We are giving brands the ability to significantly expand their social network audience and are serving ads to consumers that would never before have been identified through more traditional behavioral targeting techniques."

"As brands gain further presence on social networks, RadiumOne's Like Retargeting product gives brands a much more efficient way to build Likes outside of a social network," added Marc Ruxin, EVP/Chief Innovation Officer at UM.

More information on RadiumOne can be found at www.radiumone.com. All sales inquires can be directed to sales@radiumone.com.

About RadiumOne

RadiumOne is the first online ad network to leverage social data on the Web. Through its unique "social retargeting" feature, RadiumOne enables brands to find consumers who most resemble their current user base and identify users who are most likely to engage with their ads. RadiumOne was founded by Gurbaksh Chahal, who previously started Click Agents and Blue Lithium, two leading ad networks that were sold to ValueClick and Yahoo!, respectively. RadiumOne is based in San Francisco, CA, and was founded in 2010.

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