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Partnership Allows Developers to Acquire Users with Innovative Cost per Download Model

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 08, 2010 - gWallet, a leader in social media monetization, today announced a new platform that will provide mobile app developers the ability to use virtual currency to monetize their apps via branded offers and installs. To support the launch, gWallet is announcing a partnership with Mobclix, the industry's largest targeted mobile ad exchange, that will expand the reach of the new mobile platform to millions of additional consumers.

The partnership will leverage gWallet's brand relationships and experience in the virtual currency space to bring premium offers to mobile consumers and extend it via the Mobclix exchange. gWallet has developed a self-service solution that will bring relevant ads to consumers and allow developers to not only extend their reach via Mobclix, but also enable them to easily purchase installs through a unique auction based platform. The bidding system allows developers to be assured they are paying the lowest price on the market, and provides no risk since downloads are guaranteed.

The partnership will also promote brands through traditional offers that are uniquely tweaked for the mobile environment. Advertisers can promote their games through banner ads, and developers can promote across other apps to maximize reach among their target gaming demographic.

"Consumers who are playing games on their phones are not willing to complete web-based offers," said Gurbaksh Chahal, gWallet's Founder and CEO. "They don't have the time to go through a lot of screens, and they don't want to enter in a lot of information on a small keyboard. We solve that problem by delivering mobile-specific offers and installs from brands they trust."

gWallet has distinguished itself in the social gaming space by sourcing offers directly from major brands. Since its launch late last year, the company has led major campaigns with over 120 brands in the beverage, computer security, and retail categories. gWallet's mobile offering represents yet another powerful social media channel for these campaigns.
"gWallet is changing the demand equation," said Krishna Subramanian, Co-Founder of Mobclix. "As an exchange, we see this as a premium opportunity for publishers, as gWallet's demand from agencies and advertisers is truly unique. We'll work closely with gWallet in extending a new class of offers to the mobile consumer – offers that embrace the new and growing demand for virtual currency as a form of payment."

gWallet Mobile will be available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other smartphone platforms. gWallet and Mobclix will also work together on campaigns that capitalize on the phenomenal popularity of the iPad, a transformational device in the world of mobile advertising.

"Mobile offers add yet another vertical to our business and give advertisers even more exposure to their target customers," said Chahal. "We are excited to be providing our brands with such a complete advertising solution."

For more information about gWallet's branded mobile offer initiative, please visit www.gwallet.com/mobile.

About gWallet

gWallet is taking on the responsibility of bringing new technologies that will increase opportunities for monetizing the fast-growing social gaming category, while also creating new opportunities for brands to engage with these large online audiences. The company's early innovations in social gaming monetization include the Brand Bar and video offer wall, which are driving explosive revenue growth for publishing partners. The Brand Bar and the video offer wall are creating a new standard of consumer engagement in social gaming monetization that is bringing leading brand advertisers to the category for the first time. gWallet is the only social gaming monetization platform to undergo audits and review by TRUSTe. For more information visit www.gwallet.com.

About Mobclix

Mobclix is the industry's largest targeted mobile ad exchange -- the first open marketplace for mobile developers, advertisers, ad networks and agencies. The Mobclix ad exchange provides complete transparency and visibility for developers to manage their ad inventory and maximize revenue and for advertisers to increase campaign performance. Mobclix is a privately held company headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. The company was founded in September 2008 and has since been named an AlwaysOn 250 winner and won the ad:tech Limelight award.

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