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RadiumOne Publicly Debuts Po.st Platform and Announces Unprecedented Real-Time Audience Amplification Results for Brand Advertisers From Social Media.

URL Shortening Service Has Been Powering Audience Targeting for Brand Advertisers and Delivering Unprecedented Real-Time Audience Targeting Across the Open Web.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - June 13, 2012 – RadiumOne, Inc., which enables advertisers to more effectively target and discover new audiences based on real-time social-sharing data, today announced the public debut of Po.st Platform Enterprise, an innovative URL shortening tool for brand advertisers that has been delivering unprecedented, real-time audience targeting for brands in a private invitation-only program.

Over the past three months, brands from multiple verticals such as Automotive, Entertainment, Retail (e-commerce) and Consumer Package Goods are using Po.st Platform to identify and amplify new audience segments across the Open Web.

"Given the fact that consumers share and interact with nearly 16 billion pieces of information across the Open Web every day, URL shortening is a vital part of any brand's social strategy, especially since brands are in effect publishers in social media," said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of RadiumOne. "A tremendous amount of audience data now sits on social web, for the first time ever. Po.st Platform unlocks the power of shared links by transforming them into targeted audience segments, enabling brands to monetize and attribute ROI across their social media investments."

Po.st Platform Enterprise provides the same features and data analytics as other URL shorteners, but it takes shortened URLs much further by allowing brands to use these insights in their media campaigns. Po.st Platform is also announcing the availability of a developer program that encourages developers to come up with new and unique ways for brands to to leverage the Po.st Platform API.

Key differentiating features of Po.st Platform Enterprise include the following:

  • Real-time active audience expansion and targeting
  • Vanity URLs for brands
  • API integration to the most popular social media management tools
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Automated audience segmentation
  • 100% free to brands

Po.st Platform Enterprise is part of RadiumOne's Dynamic Audience Platform (DAP), which leverages its proprietary ShareGraph™ technology as well as first-party social sharing insights gained through RadiumOne's robust suite of consumer-facing products (Via.Me, PingMe, Po.st, Po.st Platform and Expressions). Through this unique combination of assets as well as access to over 12 billion RTB ad impressions per day from across the Open Web, RadiumOne is able to create real-time advertising on a massive scale for brands looking to reach the best audience for their message.

"Brands need a digital media solutions partner that can not only deliver insights but serve targeted ads to new audiences," says Chahal. "Po.st Platform Enterprise is the first link shortening product that can move the needle for brands and deliver real ROI across the Open Web."

About RadiumOne

RadiumOne is the leader in Intelligent Advertising. RadiumOne's innovative Dynamic Audience Platform (DAP) harnesses social interaction data to fuel new audience expansion and create unparalleled efficiency and scale. At the core of the RadiumOne DAP is RadiumOne's patent-pending ShareGraph™ technology and and first-party social products (Via.Me, Po.st and Po.st Platform). Leveraging its unique array of assets, RadiumOne can go beyond traditional targeting methodologies to identify new audience segments across the Open Web. Based in San Francisco, with offices across the US and Europe. RadiumOne was founded by online advertising pioneer Gurbaksh Chahal. To learn more about RadiumOne, please visit http://radiumone.com

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