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Connect™ is a complete business intelligence solution for understanding the full user experience of your mobile app–from installation, to activity, to conversion–with the flexibility to capture its unique business rules and user behaviors.  And unlike other mobile app analytics and management tools available today, all data you collect can be activated immediately and used in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns—e-mail, web and mobile app advertising—to reach new and existing users.

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Install Tracking

Understand the source and quality of new users

User Analytics

Monitor app health and user engagement KPIs to make data-driven decisions


Identify the real-world signals of your users

Push Notifications

Engage your users by sending messages that reflect their behaviors and location

Data Activation

Activate your user behavioral data in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns


Easy to Implement, Single SDK for Five Solutions

Takes ten minutes to implement

Unified Dashboard with on-demand reporting

Store over a billion events and view results in seconds

Free – No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Lower operational costs and reduce new capital / equipment costs

Data Applications That Redefine Mobile CRM

Use your mobile intelligence to reach your target in-app and outside of the app across platforms

Better-Informed Customer Views and CLV

Understand the full user journey and take control of a unified, 360-degree view of your customer

What Clients Are Saying

“Connect empowers me to make meaningful marketing decisions on the fly. The analytics displayed do not require any deciphering and delivery of push notifications to segmented audiences is flawless.”
Paulo Borges, CTO & VP, Styliff Inc.

“We’re excited about incorporating the RadiumOne Connect solution into the Throng app. The in-depth user insights provided by Connect give us an easy and cost effective way for us to understand our users and engage with them without using multiple vendors.”
Sunil Mehta, CEO, Throng, Inc.