Find high-value consumers from your paid, earned, shared and owned channels

Consumers are living, breathing people, requiring a living, breathing view of their behaviors and intent. RadiumOne looks at these signals across all of your digital touch-points, plus those from throughout the digital ecosystem. We provide a constantly evolving view of consumers, enabling you to make connections with real people, not faceless impressions.

A living, breathing view of your customers

Every person is unique and their needs are constantly evolving: new devices, new habits, new interests.  It’s important to think beyond stale segment and demo view and connect with each individual in their real-time pulse.

Know which consumer signals to look for

With the rise of mobile and sharing economy technologies, consumers generate billions of data points every day.  We think of this data as signals that could help you understand what a consumer is doing, thinking, how they’re behaving – signals about their interest and intent. These signals can make your job easier – or harder. They can help you to find new customers and reach them effectively.  But only if you know what you’re looking for and where to look.

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RadiumOne blends your consumer signals with those outside your walled garden to find high-value customers

There’s only so much you can learn about consumers based on data from your own media properties. We combine your data with signals collected from our social and mobile analytics tools, plus third party data such as cookies and device IDs, to provide a more complete view of consumer behaviors.

Know how to value consumers at every point of their journey

Today’s consumer journeys are more fluid and complex than ever. Technology platforms enables consumers to interact with companies, and with each other. Marketers no longer can rely on controlling a defined set of touchpoints and predictable set of interactions with consumers. Our understanding of complex consumer journeys and ability to gather and understand signals from across your paid, earned, shared and owned channels, enable us to activate the data that will help you address your marketing challenge – whatever it is.


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