The Dark Side of Mobile Sharing

What marketers need to know about social sharing and mobile devices

84% of consumers’ outbound sharing from publishers’ and marketers’ websites now takes place via private, Dark Social channels such as email and instant messaging. And yet over 90% of social marketing ad budgets goes directly to social networks. Our “Dark Side of Mobile Sharing” white paper explains how marketers can use Dark Social sharing activity to fuel better paid media results.


Key Takeaways

RadiumOne’s “Dark Side of Mobile Sharing” white paper provides invaluable insights such as:

Consumers respond the most to Dark Social shares via their mobile devices.
62% of clickbacks on Dark Social shares now come from mobile devices. The other 38% of clickbacks on Dark Social shares come from desktops.

A simple two-step process can help marketers connect with mobile audiences.
In the first step, you track all content sharing. In the second step, you use this data to fuel paid media, including mobile media.

Global measures point to the increasing influence of mobile engagement.
In 2015, mobile advertising took the lead in digital advertising expenditure, and mobile search took the lead in search queries.

Key Takeaways

RadiumOne’s State of Mobile Acquisition report identifies three key strategies for marketers to acquire more high-value mobile users:

Focus on the segment driving the majority of your revenue.

Start with in-app analytics to get to know your cohorts, zooming in on the behaviors and characteristics of your highest value users.

Marketers should look outside their own app for signals.

To truly get to know your high-value users, take in data from the entire ecosystem, including 3rd party apps and web sites, to see how they act “out in the wild.”

Target high-potential users with both in app and mobile web advertising campaigns.

These signals will help you to focus your ad spend on users that are most likely to be high-value.

State of Mobile Acquisition Report