We find the valuable signals for you that others can’t see

Across your paid, earned, owned and shared channels, consumers are constantly providing interest and intent signals. They are also introducing you to potentially valuable prospects that were previously off the radar – their friends, family and others in their lives whom have similar motivations and interests. Our mobile and social data capture tools enable us to see consumer signals that other data-driven marketing companies simply can’t see and aren’t looking for.

Mobile Analytics

Observing and acting on consumer and customer in-app user behaviors is crucial for any brand advertiser, developer or product manager. Our mobile analytics tool allows you to see and understand valuable consumer signals. These insights can then be turned into brand and performance campaign insights and triggers.


Sharing Analytics

Your most valuable user insights come from consumers interacting with your paid, earned, shared and owned assets. Our sharing analytics tools provide critical insights on consumer engagement with your content across all channels – consumers are sharing your content with their ‘intimate social networks’, friends, family and colleagues. The people who matter in their lives and are often involved in making purchasing decisions. Picking up all of these signals is key to better understanding which actions to take along the consumer journey and growing your prospect pool.

Dark social activity is too big to ignore

84% of consumers’ outbound sharing from websites and apps now takes place via private dark social channels such as email and instant messaging. Marketers and agencies who use Dark Social activity to fuel their paid media can reach new prospects. With our Sharing Analytics tool, we can use your shared channel data to reach people who share your content, people who respond to your shared content and others in the sharing universe of consumers that have demonstrated interest and intent in your product or category.

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