Digital Engagement Is Mostly Mobile

US consumers spend nearly 70% of their digital screen time on mobile devices. As smartphone and tablet usage continues to grow rapidly, it’s essential for marketers to understand how mobile affects the consumer decision journey – this means capturing mobile engagement signals and using them to tailor messaging to each stage of interest and intent.

Powerful Mobile Campaigns to Drive Branding, Direct Response and Re-Engagement

We gather behavioral insights from mobile websites and apps to develop specific, customized predictive scenarios based on what drives the most value:


Build on awareness and engagement signals early in the journey to find the prospects with the highest potential customer lifetime value

Direct Response

Use in-market and intent signals to predict high conversion likelihood


Develop models to predict churn and keep valuable users engaged. Upsell high-value users and recover lapsed ones

Share of Total Digital Screen Time By Device

Smartphone and Tablet usage account for 68% of all digital screen time.


Why RadiumOne Mobile?

RadiumOne develops technology and solutions that make it easy to identify the most important consumer signals, analyze how they can drive measurable business outcomes, and use them for an impactful mobile campaign.

We start with a deeper view of consumer behavior — looking at how people find their way to mobile websites and apps (and what they do once they’re there) to better understand:

What the consumer is interested in
Where they are in their ‘journey’ or path of purchase
How to better communicate with them

With deeper consumer insights, we can help you build and execute thoughtful marketing strategies to find new customers, keep existing ones, or bring back the most valuable ones.

Deep Insights Into Audience and Customer Behavior

RadiumOne allows marketers to better understand the consumer’s journey through mobile touchpoints. With the state-of-the-art RadiumOne Analytics Suite, advertisers gain fresh first-party insights to visualize key behaviors to create and fine-tune a plan for media investment. We incorporate these inputs into our real-time marketing platform to match target customer profiles and help you put the right message in front of the right audience — wherever it may be.

Engaging Media Options

We provide multiple options for engaging prospects and customers on mobile web and app inventory, including IAB-standard banners, in-stream/in-banner video, native, interstitial and rich media ads for smartphone and tablet placements.


Tailor Campaign Goals On the Fly

RadiumOne can tailor campaigns to meet your objectives and KPIs based on traffic to your owned, earned, and paid media. Once live, we can adapt those campaigns based on performance and the in-app or on-site behaviors they drive.  Channel-specific tools that make up the RadiumOne Analytics Suite allow us to go deeper into your users’ behavior to draw out insights other solutions miss.

Tying Together the Cross-Device Journey

Today’s consumer journey runs across devices, where one might start browsing ideas on mobile, but convert on desktop (or vice-versa). Understanding the sequence of events from device to device allows us to recommend and execute media investment plans based on where users spend their time and where they convert. RadiumOne Cross-Device Marketing solutions tie it all together, helping measure the impact of engagement on one platform to conversions on another.

Brand-Safe, Viewable Inventory with the Strongest Signals

RadiumOne is integrated with over 85 advertising exchanges worldwide, representing millions of websites and apps and hundreds of millions of engaged consumers every month. Prior to on-boarding, we carefully vet each exchange for publisher quality and ad viewability, and we engage in constant monitoring for additional real-time data to help us match your target customer profile and beat your campaign KPIs.

Integrations with Leading Ad Unit Vendors

RadiumOne partners with the leaders in mobile ad serving and creative formats to help you create simple and captivating display ads, as well as dynamic native and video ads.

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