NFL Fans Are Primarily on Mobile – Is Your Super Bowl Ad Strategy Ready?

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will meet to play one of the world’s most-watched sporting events: Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. Aside from copious amounts of tasty appetizers and ice cold American beer, what else are the watchers of this game and NFL fans everywhere most interested in?

Using data gathered from the NFL and football related properties as well as RadiumOne’s own proprietary software, we dug into NFL fans’ preferences for music, autos, movies and other important advertising categories leading up to Super Bowl 50. Overall, the survey pointed to one main conclusion: not all football fans are alike. Preferences vary team-by-team and market-by-market. So as you build out your Super Bowl and NFL ad strategy, be sure to target your audiences appropriately.

For instance, the favorite activity of Denver Broncos fans is, unsurprisingly given their close proximity to some of the country’s largest mountains, snowboarding, while the favorite activity of Carolina Panther fans is playing video games.

What else did we learn about NFL fans?

 Mobile Ruled

  • 81% of all NFL audience activity is on mobile, with 46% on iOS and 35% on Android. Only 19% are on desktop

There’s More Women than You Think

  • While 59% of the total audience was male, 41% was female, meaning more opportunities to target this demographic in their in-app marketing

NFL Fan Breakdowns:

  • In Automotive, St. Louis fans prefer minivans whereas Pittsburg fans prefer full-size sedans
  • In Retail, San Francisco fans like electronics whereas Buffalo fans really dig their outdoor sports paraphernalia
  • For Music, Minnesota fans are into country and Carolina fans are more into R&B/Soul
  • What about Travel? San Francisco fans prefer timeshares and Indianapolis fans are big on family vacations

 League Favorites:

  • Automotive: Small to midsize SUVs
  • Music: Country
  • Movies: Sci-Fi
  • Retail: Gifts and flowers
  • Activities: Reading


RadiumOne sourced data from NFL and football related properties utilizing the company’s proprietary software o­fferings: RadiumOne Connect Mobile App Management solution, Sharing Tool and URL Shortener. These insights were overlaid with 3rd party partnership providers BlueKai and Data Logix. The data was gathered through tracking the engagement activity of about 2 million worldwide unique users over a 30 day span (December 14, 2015 – January 12, 2016).