Better predictions, better marketing moves

Once we’ve identified the valuable signals of consumer interest and intent, we predict the value of consumers – at each juncture. We run what-if scenarios to test predictions and inform campaign strategies. The result is greater efficiency and earlier engagement with prospects to increase their consideration for you.

Know the future value of each consumer

We see signals that other companies can’t, and from those signals we know what makes a high-value user for you. Whether it’s LTV, CPA or engagement, we can assign a score to a consumer and predict the probability of them being valuable to your campaign goals.

The right media buying strategy for you

Informed by the insights to determine valuable consumers, we develop the optimal media buying strategy to meet and exceed your business goals. We recommend and test campaign strategies specific to your  objectives, such as new unique audiences for branding, incrementality, behavioral prospecting or establishing post-conversion engagement to lift LTV.

Anticipate expected business outcomes

Through analyzing current and historical data from your paid, earned, shared and owned channels, we have an informed view on the value of consumers and their likelihood to move from a very early stage prospect to a valuable customer. The insights and recommendations will inform your entire content and paid media strategy. We can be very granular – for example, predict which customers will provide you the greatest upsell opportunities, highlight the areas of conversion latency, or advise on improving a user’s interaction with your website, social networks or app.

Foresee and remove 
bot and fraud traffic

To put it simply, bots don’t share or buy things on the web. With our ability to see consumer signals that include sharing and buying, we can determine traffic that comes from actual humans versus bots.  We avoid placing ads on sites that are heavily dependent on using bot traffic to boost their site visit numbers. Integral Ad Science (IAS) has recognized us one of their top performing partners in the area of fraud detection.

How can RadiumOne help your company?