RadiumOne Launches Smart Links to Customize the Customer Journey for Increased Brand Engagement

Embedded anywhere, Smart Links dynamically detect location and device characteristics to route the user to a specified destination


SAN FRANCISCO — OCTOBER 10, 2016 RadiumOne, a leading data-driven marketing technology company, today introduced Smart Links, a simple and seamless approach to customizing the customer journey for increased brand engagement. With Smart Links, marketers can create a bespoke path to a web page or app for customers, and then present personalized content once they arrive. The intelligence gathered by these interactions can fuel a data-driven marketing plan to improve customer acquisition and retention.

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According to a global survey from Forrester, only 15 percent of consumers were satisfied with brands’ attempt to effectively tailor communication to individuals, while 89 percent of marketers believed they were doing an excellent job. This highlights a disconnect between consumers and brands that solutions like Smart Links can address by offering a customized experience for consumers while making it easy for marketers to implement.

Leveraging deep-linking capabilities, Smart Links creates a more personalized approach to user engagement in three areas using the same link:

  • Mobile web content: direct users to a specific piece of content on a mobile webpage, like an embedded video
  • In-app content: direct users to a video directly within an app, without having to navigate from the home screen to watch the video
  • App download: direct users to the app store to download an app and then take them to the content they want within the app the first time it opens. This allows brands to drive more organic app installs without having to rely on paid promotions

By using Smart Links, brands can create a cross-platform profile of a user to identify and match trends across mobile web and app engagement creating a more holistic view of the consumer.

“Consumers are increasingly rewarding brands who create tailored and engaging experiences, and dismissing brands who fail to meet their ever-increasing standards,” said Bob Hall, senior vice president of business development at RadiumOne. “B2C marketers can better meet consumer expectations by using tools like Smart Links to connect with high-value customers in a more engaging and seamless way. By leveraging the combined power of RadiumOne’s Mobile and Sharing Analytics to identify high-value customers and Smart Links insights on customer behavior, marketers can improve customer acquisition and retention, ultimately driving increased revenue.”

Smart Links is the first step in maximizing consumer engagement with a brand by driving them to content that matters the most to them. Once there, marketers can get more insight into the customer journey by using RadiumOne’s Mobile and Sharing analytics tools to analyze their post-click activities. RadiumOne is the only company combining deep linking functionality with engagement analytics to understand a user’s path across devices.

Smart Links can be embedded across paid, earned, shared and owned media – including ads, social posts, hyperlinks and anywhere content is linked. With a single link, RadiumOne Smart Links can reach multiple destinations, reducing the time it takes to post destination links across platforms. Each user’s journey can feature different ad creative and multiple web or app destinations based on geographic location, device type and where the app is installed. On top of that, brands can segment users in real-time from a single link based on these attributes.

To learn more about Smart Links and RadiumOne’s analytics capabilities click here: http://po.st/smart-links

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