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RadiumOne's high performance programmatic ad platform unleashes the power of cross platform advertising.

Programmatic Ad Platform Solutions

The RadiumOne Activate programmatic ad platform features an integrated data and delivery stack that seamlessly combines Data + DMP + DSP to drive better real-time results. It translates the madness of big data into real-time audience insights that not only reveal who your next customer will be, but how to act on the intelligence in milliseconds.


We have a special, patented technology that lives in our DMP. It’s called ShareGraph™ and we leverage it to amplify custom segments and find your next customers.

Audiences Across Channels

Whether it’s Managed Service or Self-Serve that you need, RadiumOne Activate delivers a crucially important programmatic ad platform feature for cross platform advertising: Cross Device Matching.

We match users across mobile, desktop & offline, including from your CRM database. This gives you the most visibility into your audiences and protects you from redundant targeting and waste.

RadiumOne Activate Features

RadiumOne’s Activate platform makes the complexity of media buying disappear.

RadiumOne gives marketers the power of programmatic buying, real-time optimization and reporting with large scale, unique data and integrated data-management software.

We developed our own programmatic ad platform so we can target the most valuable individual users who are:

  • In the market
  • Have a high state of intent
  • Can be found at the right price