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Publsihers can amplify messaging, activations and the power of unique targeting in every marketplace.


Our programmatic software, RadiumOne Activate, gives Publishers the power to leverage unique audience targets, enhance and activate sponsorships, and have buyers across every channel singing their praises.

Proprietary Technology

Our natively developed software cultivates data in real-time so you can cultivate more brand partnerships and user activations.

Real-Time Bidding

Data and Delivery (DMP & DSP) integration makes activation amplification a real-time reality for Publishers.

Highly Targeted Audience

When ShareGraph™, DMP & DSP join forces, unprecedented audience insights amplify views and revenue for Publishers.

Why Advertisers Love Programmatic

Very simply, it’s our results. Our programmatic technology cultivates unique data and amplifies viewing in real-time. But once the data and technology dust settles, it’s the tangible results that speak louder than any algorithm ever could, bringing buyers back for more. Publishers get to offer a new and improved revenue stream to their clients while maximizing earnings and driving revenue forward.


With our integrated mobile solution, RadiumOne Connect, the data and delivery relationship never dies and neither does your connection to real-time views and segment amplification.

Never, Ever Lose Touch

Integrating mobile innovation means exponentially increasing audience identification and reach, ensuring that you never take your advertising finger off your campaign’s pulse. R1 Connect makes sure that mobile disconnect never happens. Our mobile solution adds audience location (and the vast actionable data that comes along with it) to the behavioral targeting equation. The result is expanded reach and targeting capabilities and a marketing campaign that never disconnects from its audience – no matter which device is dominating their attention.

Social Sharing

Sharing is more than just caring, it’s converting. Our Po.st sharing tools leverage social data to improve your paid media performance and seamlessly integrate with our proven data and delivery model.

Aggregated Sharing

We’ve developed the industry’s most advanced social sharing platform that enables advertisers to get more insights, audience scale and monetization from social engagement. Our free Po.st URL shortener tool allows you to shorten, share, and expand reach through simplified and customized URLs. Po.st by RadiumOne uses advanced sharing capabilities and powerful audience profiling to seamlessly integrate with your tag management system.