RadiumOne Talks Ad Fraud, Ad Blocking and Marketing Automation

Are you concerned with issues such as ad fraud, ad blocking and viewability? Of course, we all are!

To help find solutions to these industry-wide issues, RadiumOne is heading to the CDX Brand Innovation next week in Half Moon Bay, California. We’d love to have you join the conversation as our Chief Operating Officer, Dave Zinman, sits on a panel with executives from Dell, AKQA and Fast Company to discuss these and other important industry trends.

Titled “Marketing Automation Spotlight – Are the Robots Killing Creativity and Viewability?,” the panel takes place at 12:15pm on October 18th — day one of the two-day event. The panelists will address questions such as:

  • Are marketers, and their agencies, relying too heavily on programmatic?
  • Has the quest for “efficiency,” and obsession with marketing technology, created an environment where marketers and their agency partners forget about messaging and creative notwithstanding the very real issues of fraud and concerns about viewability?  
  • Are the robots gaining control and contributing to the perceived ad fraud problem which could lead to an increase in user ad-blocking?

Taking place at the stunning Ritz Carlton hotel, the Chief Digital Officer Global Forum (CDX) Brand Innovation Summit brings together hundreds of leading digital executives to explore how leading brands from across a range of industries and verticals are engaging the connected consumer and driving enterprise-wide digital transformation.

As the event’s fourth annual gathering, the theme of this year’s summit is “Mastering Digital Transformation & Innovation,” focusing on how current and emerging digital technologies and connected devices and platforms are transforming the customer relationship, strategic planning, marketing innovation and the broader enterprise.

If you’re planning to attend the event, or even if you just want to hear about our perspective on the issues facing the digital marketing industry today, please contact Jason Dennis at jdennis@radiumone.com to set up some time to chat.