RadiumOne Holiday Data Report: Unlocking the Value of the Holidays

The holidays are a crucial time for any brand marketer. Consumers are not only shopping more than at any other time of year, but they also spend more time consuming media online and on TV, and they share more online content with their friends and family.

To help marketers understand consumer behaviors during the holiday season, RadiumOne recently released our Holiday Data Report 2016: Unlocking the Value of the Holidays. Based on a survey conducted with market research firm MindMover, as well as on our own sharing data, the report is full of valuable insights to help marketers understand how, when and where to engage consumers during this holiday season.

Some of the key findings from the report include:

  • Most consumers give 10+ presents, to an average of 7 recipients, with Clothes, Entertainment and Food & Drink as the most popular gift items
  • Over one-third of consumers will research and buy presents online, and 29% of online shoppers will use multiple devices for shopping and research
  • Nearly half of consumers will spend more time online during the holiday season, and approximately 3 out of 5 expect to watch more TV
  • Online sharing activity increases during the holidays, with 1 in 3 users sharing more content
  • Festive pictures, videos and gift ideas will be the most commonly shared online content.

There are several ways for marketers to maximize their campaign effectiveness this holiday season. It starts by understanding consumers’ holiday shopping behaviors and developing strategies to reach consumers with promotions across smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other screens. But marketers cannot overlook the importance of providing pictures, videos, gift ideas and other festive content that consumers will want to share.

Let RadiumOne help you boost sales this holiday season. Download the Holiday Data Report now, and contact us today for a free consultation.