Engage and grow your audience based on their social sharing activities.

Sharing Analytics (also known as Po.st™) reveals how users are behaving across your website and social channels. Understand what content drives user engagement and encourages them to share with their friends and family. Our Sharing Analytics tools provide insight into not only the primary users of your website and social media channels, but also the recipients of shared content to help you capitalize on their engagement as well.

Brand Managers, Publishers

Sharing Analytics provides comprehensive, actionable insights into your audience and how they share content on social networks, email, text and Instant Messaging services. Gain a better understanding of which content resonates most with users, so you can develop a more informed content strategy.

Marketers, Agencies, Advertisers

Social sharing is essential to track because it is such a strong signal of user social engagement. Sharing Analytics does not replace a conversion pixel, but instead works in tandem with pixels to harness social sharing activity and enhance the data set used for targeting/retargeting, branding and customer acquisition.

Social Media Managers

Using our Link Shortener and Management tools, you can create and manage multiple campaigns from one central location. Track clicks per post, devices used and the geographies of clickers. Learn audience demographics and user interests to inform your content strategy.


Social Sharing Tracking

Analyze the activity of users that share and engage with content through copy & paste activity. We track sharing on normal social channels as well as on dark social channels.

Smart Links

Control the path of a user throughout your site, based on country, state level geo and/or mobile device. Smart Links provides deep insights on users who click on shortened links from social channels and allows you to segment these users for more effective paid media targeting.

Self Serve Portal

Gain access to a robust and easy-to-navigate portal that allows you to access the data you need about your website’s usage.

Audience Insights

Gain valuable information on what your users are doing with the content they are sharing, what their preferred methods of sharing are, and the devices that they share most often with.

APIs and Plugins Available

Plugins are available for WordPress, Tealium and Ensighten, while shortener integrations are available with Spredfast, hootsuite and Sprinklr.

Data Activation

Easily model audiences, drive awareness and trials, and retarget users with ads in 3rd-party media using the real-time data captured from your website.

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