The Power of Sharing Data Report:

Sharers Are 9x More Likely to Purchase

Everyday, consumers share online content with their friends, family and co-workers via channels that most brands and website publishers don’t or cannot track.

The sharing of content on desktop, tablet and mobile yield strong interest and intent signals and insights for brands.

Understanding these signals gives visibility into where consumers are at on their journeys and informs a brand’s broader marketing strategy; connecting the essential dots across paid, earned, shared and owned marketing channels.


Key Takeaways

Download RadiumOne’s latest data report to learn sharing behaviors that directly led to conversions through online purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions, and more.

Dark social accounts for 75 percent of consumer sharing online.

Consumers that share content with themselves are 16x more likely to buy.

Sharing activity is far less likely to lead to fraudulent traffic because “bots do not share”.