Introducing Smart Links: The Better Deep Linking Solution for Increased Brand Engagement

On the web, URLs allow marketers to send a consumer to any page within their site quickly, easily and seamlessly. But until recently, there was no equivalent solution for mobile apps, forcing marketers to send users to their app’s home screen and hope that they could navigate to where they wanted to go from there — assuming they’ve already downloaded the app in the first place.

Fortunately, deep linking solutions came along to allow marketers to embed a link in a social media post, advertising campaign, push notification or any other promotion and send consumers to a specific section of their app immediately upon opening it. But most deep linking solutions are extremely limited, as they lack the intelligence necessary to provide a truly personalized experience for each and every user.

RadiumOne is fixing that problem starting today with the launch of Smart Links, our proprietary deep linking solution designed to customize the consumer journey for increased brand engagement. With Smart Links, marketers can create a bespoke path to a web page or app for customers, and then present personalized content once they arrive. Each user’s journey can feature different ad creative and multiple web or app destinations based on a number of criteria.

With Smart Links, marketers can use a single link to direct consumers to any one of these three areas:

  • Mobile web content: direct users to a specific piece of content on a mobile webpage, like an embedded video
  • In-app content: direct users to a video directly within an app, without having to navigate from the home screen to watch the video
  • App download: direct users to the app store to download an app and then take them to the content they want within the app the first time it opens. This allows brands to drive more organic app installs without having to rely on paid promotions.

Smart Links has the intelligence to dynamically detect a user’s geographic location as well as what kind of device they are on and route them to a specific destination accordingly, providing marketers with the flexibility to customize promotions based on location and device data.

What truly sets Smart Links apart, however, is that it is the only solution combining deep linking functionality with engagement analytics to understand a user’s path across devices. This data can then be activated in the marketer’s paid media campaigns, allowing them to target consumers based on how they interacted with certain links and the insights generated from those interactions.

Smart Links represents the next evolution of deep linking. Marketers have come to rely on RadiumOne to track all the places consumers interact with their brand (including their paid, earned, shared and owned media channels) and to deliver insights based on activity across those channels that help engage consumers more efficiently and effectively. With Smart Links, RadiumOne clients now have an invaluable tool that not only delivers a better, more personalized consumer experience, but also the intelligence marketers need to forge “connections that matter.”

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