Shorten, Brand and Deep-link to Your Sites and Apps

Make it easy for your users and followers to see the right content and engage with your brand. RadiumOne Smart Links helps you customize the path users take to your website or mobile app, and ensures they arrive at content tailored to their geographic location, device type (desktop or mobile), and whether they already have your mobile app installed.

How it works

Customizing Your Smart Links

Use Smart Links to shorten and brand your links. Embed those URLs anywhere — in ads, social posts, hyperlinks, emails, and anywhere else you link to your content.

Smart Links dynamically detects location and device characteristics to deep-link the user to specific content.

Gain insights on link activity via web-based dashboards, and use audience data to inform paid media investment and ad targeting.

Brand Managers and Publishers

Smart Links provides comprehensive, actionable insights into audiences who click on your deep links and shortened links. Gain a better understanding of which content resonates most with users so you can develop a more informed content strategy.

Marketers, Agencies, Advertisers and Social Media Managers

Engagement with your brand’s content is a strong signal of interest and intent. Capture and use these signals to target your social, mobile, display and video campaigns. Clicks on deep links establish deterministic matches between mobile app and web platforms (i.e., between browser cookies and device IDs), and the engagement data can be used to target and optimize cross-channel digital marketing campaigns.

Product and Growth Managers

Allow customers and followers to gain easy access to the content they want without obstacles. Use the deep-linking functionality in Smart Links to increase app engagement and retention by taking new and returning users directly to the content that fits their experience with your brand, instead of confusing them by dropping them on a home page.


Short Links and Vanity URLs

Shorten the URLs you post on your web site and social network pages, and use your own, branded short links (‘vanity URLs’) to improve branding and awareness.

One Link, Multiple Destinations

Reduce the time it takes your team to embed and post destination links across platforms. Drive users to specified content, whether it’s on the web or within an app.

Seamless Experience

Use Smart Links alongside RadiumOne’s Mobile Analytics tool for deep linking to bring new app users to specified content on first launch.

Data-Driven Marketing

Leverage the intelligence gathered on these engagements to improve your branding, acquisition, retention and re-engagement campaigns.

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