High-Performance Video Advertising

Sight, sound and motion are the keys to developing an emotional connection to your brand. RadiumOne delivers digital video ad campaigns to help you deepen that connection with consumers. To execute strong awareness and branding campaigns, RadiumOne helps capture consumer behavioral data, develop audience insights, and find the right prospects on the websites and mobile apps best suited to complement your message — driving results you can validate with a variety of third-party measurement tools.

Why RadiumOne for Video?

Use engagement data to find audiences that watch your video advertisement

Run campaigns on premium, contextually-relevant sites and apps

Deploy budget efficiently to achieve your audience, branding and viewability KPIs

Tie video and direct response (DR) campaign performance together to maximize the impact of your branding investment

Enable social sharing and virality to drive additional views and consumer touchpoints

Measure campaign effectiveness with all major third-party brand safety, viewability, and verification solutions

RadiumOne Drives More Views and Viewers for Video Ad Campaigns*

*Source: RadiumOne and eMarketer, June 2016

Drive Results Across All Screens

RadiumOne activates your data and insights to run true, cross-channel video campaigns custom-tailored to drive awareness on digital media across desktop, smartphone, tablet and connected-TV devices.

Identify the Consumer Signals that Matter Most

Capture signals of brand interest and purchase intent across paid, earned, shared and owned marketing channels with the RadiumOne Analytics suite. Discover how prospects, users and customers move across your web site, mobile app, social feeds, and how they share content from each. Knowing exactly who is engaging with your content and who is sharing it via social media or ‘dark’ social channels such as e-mail and text means you can be sure your video branding campaign reaches your biggest influencers.

Gather Insights and Build Predictive Models

RadiumOne helps you tap into data from all your marketing channels — paid, earned, shared, and owned — to better understand consumer behavior, develop actionable insights, and tailor media investment strategy to each stage of the consumer decision journey.

We go further by helping you score consumers based on their anticipated value and build predictive models you can test in media so you’re constantly hitting your goals.

Customize Branding Strategies

Deploy models that focus on the right audiences and prospects. Use video to drive long-term brand value by building:





Use Innovative Ad Formats

RadiumOne helps you leverage almost any video ad placement or format, including in-stream, out-stream, in-feed, native and interstitial.





Enable Sharing and Track Virality with Social Sharing Video

Embed RadiumOne’s Sharing Analytics buttons in your video ad creative to understand virality and video sharing behavior. Create an effortless way for users to spread content on social networks, track the cost of shared, earned, and paid media with real-time analytics and web-based dashboards.

Engage on Bigger Screens with Connected TV

Consumers are watching more on-demand video content and TV programming via connected TV devices, such as ‘smart’ TVs, game consoles and streaming devices. RadiumOne reaches these tech-forward consumers on full-screen, premium cTV apps and content available through our video content partners.

RadiumOne partners with the leaders in video inventory, custom ad formats, and measurement to create, target, serve, and verify high-performance video campaigns that captivate and connect with your target audiences.

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